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Sooc: Simple Object-Oriented C

Sooc 0.4.1 Released!

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What is Sooc?

Sooc is a C library that enables developers to write object-oriented programs in C. Sooc, which stands for Simple Object-Oriented C, comes with useful stream and collection classes and provides mechanisms for memory management, exceptions, and threading (in conjunction with pthreads).

Why Sooc?

Sooc addresses some of the drawbacks of other object-oriented C systems. GObject, for example, is elegant, complete and well suited as the basis of GTK+, etc. However, it is verbose and difficult to use, especially for implementing small, simple objects. Sooc aims to make it easy to use the essential aspects of OOP.

How's it work?

Sooc uses the C preprocessor to help the programmer instantiate certain base code for objects and classes. This allows for single inheritance, virtual methods, public/protected/private data, and runtime type-checking.

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